Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sewvivor-Calling All Stitchers-Linh Schilling

There's nothing like a deadline to give you that extra kick  boost to finish something.  I started quilting this a little before and decided I didn't love it and the reason being was I was trying to fmq the whole quilt but the straight lines were just not turning out so well and I knew what I needed to do but didn't really want to.  Then I saw this contest on Instagram and decided that this would be my best quilt ever.  Nothing like finishing the night of the deadline and then realizing the date was extended (fist pump) and being able to take some pretty awesome pictures.

The pattern is Bikini by Sharon over at Color Girl Quilts and the quilting was inspired by Jenny Pedigo over at Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I fell in love with Sharon's version of this quilt at first sight.  It was a modern version of the double wedding ring for me and all the texture from the quilting is to die for. 

I ended up having to use my walking foot for all the straight lines and outlining of the arcs which meant a whole bunch of twisting and turning of the quilt and I got an arm workout from it.  The center and the circles in the arc are fmq.

The quilt is 64"x 64". All the solids were Kona including the binding. The backing I picked out not only matched the colors real well but mimicked it the pattern too.

I loved every step of making this quilt and this is my best quilt ever.  I'm glad that its all done and I'm glad that I decided to keep this one for us.



 I even made us a matching pillow.

Thanks for checking out my audition for this years Sewvivor hosted by Family Ever After

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hello my name is...

Plum and June

Linh and I am blogging from Columbus Ohio.  I am so glad to join this year's group of New Blogger's Blog Hop and thank you Beth from Plum and June for spending so much time organizing it.  I have been doing this, both quilting and blogging, for a little over a year and enjoy every second of it. It's the first hobby I've really kept at and actually I would say its more then a hobby now.  Quilting has helped me realize what I want to be when I grow up. 

Pattern: Bikini Quilt from ColorGirl

I am a seamstress by trade but quilting has taught me so much about sewing, from precision to the amount of math that goes into a project.  I would say that I am finally at a place that I know my style from fabric selection to pressing technique.  The modern quilting world is so big and full of inspiration  that it can sometimes be overwhelming, there's always a new fabric line coming out or a new pattern you want to make.  Often I find myself with more starts then finishes but I would say now I have found  a good balance to it and put a huge emphasis on quality over quantity. 

Pattern: Framed by Camille Roskelley

The first blog I found when starting was Amanda's from CrazyMomQuilts and I couldn't believe what I saw there.  I thought that it was the only one like it, it was my first glimpse into the modern quilting world and I couldn't get enough of it.  Luckily I found more and more and more and then I decided I would be one of them, a modern quilt blogger. 


Enough about me and more about my blog, I guess my blog is me.  My blog is a place I go to share my projects, swaps, giveaways and fabric.  I try to be up to date on sew a longs and I participate and lots of swaps, from handmade goods to fabric. I do a lot of link up as well to share my work with as many people possible.

Click to view detailed fmq.  I came up with this simple pattern for this year's Pantone Color of the Year contest. 

My blogging has kept me connected not only to the quilting world but the tech world as well.  After my blog I've joined the Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram network.  Instagram is my latest fascination, its like blogging with just pictures and its fast and easy. It's probably made me a lazier blogger and I tend to get into trouble with #thegreatfabricdestash.  It makes me feel so young to know what # are used for.  You can find me as Callingallstitchers on those social networks.

Chair covers made using pattern from Patchwork & Quilting Love magazine issue 7 by Susan Standen

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you stay and look a while. Don't forget to check out the other blogs on the New Blogger's Blog Hop.

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