Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Did everything get Finished kind of Day?

It always seems that at the end of the month my blogging get behind as I'm trying to catch up with my sewing list and its no different this month. 

Here was my list for July:
Goals for July:
Finish Owl Quilt
Squared Quilt- sandwiched needs to be quilted and binded
Sisters Ten BOM July Block
Zakka SAL: Stay caught up as well as start paper piecing for flower quilt
We Bee New Blocks
City Sample SAL- Finish up to Block 27
Curve Medallion QAL- 8 Blocks done
1and Half Quilt (Still a UFO): Squared and sandwiched

Here's what I got done:
July 1
July 2
I didn't get everything I wanted to get done but I did add some finishes that weren't on the list:

The apron I was commissioned to make from a coworker, her only request was white so I added a few yoyos and lace on the neckline to make it special.

 I was also able to complete my Mother's birthday present.  An pillow was made with apples from the Bee in My Bonnet Row Along.  I had to guess on the measurements because they are no longer available until her book comes out but I think it turned out great.

I was also able o complete a baby quilt with the Patchwork Please! SAL.

Finally I got this block done earlier this month but never showed it off.  It's the Megan Star for the Modern Block SAL.

August will be just as full as July was.  I really enjoy being able to look back at everything I got accomplished because sometimes you forget all that you've done in that what seems to be little bit of time.

Here's my list for August:
Finish Curve Medallion Top
We Bee New Blocks
City Sampler SAL- Finish up to Block 42
Zakka SAL: Stay caught up
1 and Half Quilt (Still a UFO): Squared and sandwiched
Squared Quilt- sandwiched needs to be quilted and bind (In the process of being quilted as we speak)

I've also joined a few more things for those slow sewing days (smiling real hard as I type this).
Triple zipper pouch swap: Mailing date August 17th
Low Volume Fat Eighth Swap: Need to be cut and mailed
Heather Ross Charm Swap: have two spots Need to be cut and mailed
Star Surround QAL
Double Wedding Ring Challenge hosted by the NYCQ

With all this stuff in mind I signed up to be part of a Market Day in September and a Fall Festival in October.  Hopefully I will able to make lots of goodies to take with me.  More on this later.  Thanks for joining me and hope you happy sewing.  I'm linking up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts, Freshly Pieced, and setting my new goals over at Bitter Sweet Designs.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Have you ever had this itch to sew but you don't really have the time to?  Ususally its Monday and Tuesdays for me because I have to work a full day.  This week it was so bad I couldn't sleep, it's like your mind can't fall asleep but your body isn't there with ya.  So you're up all night watching the tube and the next morning you pay for it.  Last night I got up from bed went down stairs and took care of business. 

I made this: 
It's the Paris skirt that I found on Pinterest.  I love this skirt, no pattern just a tutorial here, 4 pieces of rectangular fabric and bam you got a beautiful piece of clothing.  All you need as far as measurement goes is your waist and length of skirt.  You can make this for an adult or child.  This one is for my older one but I see many more coming soon.  I'll take more pictures later.  Plus the website has a lot more tutorials.  I plan to make more back to school close for the girls.

I am also working on the apron for one of my coworkers.  I've copied the pattern onto paper, next up is cutting the fabric for it. 

I have 3 more Medallions ready to be squared up and finished. 
That's some of the stuff I've got going on today plus or minus a few things.  Catch up with everybody else's week over at Freshly Pieced
P.S.  I'm the lucky winner for last weeks drawing from the Patchwork Please! Zakka 2.0 SAL.  Pretty exciting stuff.  I get a charm pack from Pellon.  Can't wait :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

There's a Dinosaur Around Here

Or maybe just my daughter rocking her new Dino-Mite hat. 

Again this was another thing I would've never probably never made if it wasn't for this SAL.  I couldn't think of anything else to do to it so I just made it as is and you know what I LOVE IT!  Its really quick and easy, doesn't take much in material and very adorable. I would definitely make it again.  In fact my older one has requested one.
I was also able to finish up some more medallions for the QAL.  Pretty Woman was on and man do I love that movie, I always think I won't want to watch reruns but its classics like that that I don't mind.   
2 in this print

2 in this print

3 in this print

10 down 6 more to go.
I've got quite a laundry list of stuff I want to finish this week:
Finish Book Quilt for Zakka SAL
Finish the rest of the Medallions
Do July's block from Sister Tens' BOM
But before all that I need to make a full body apron for someone at work, this will be my first commissioned project.  If she likes it I need to make 4 total by the end of next week.  Do you ever make stuff to sell?  If so how do you price something?  I sometimes feel like I couldn't beat the prices at Target and I wouldn't be willing to make it for any less.  What do you think?
Have a great start of the week.  



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I'm Progressing on this week...

I got some more City Sampler Blocks done. 

Block 22,23, and 24:

This is one of my favorite!!!

I finally got around to starting the Medallion QAL.  I got one done and I wouldn't say that they are addicting, okay maybe a little.  Let's see how many I can make by the end of the week.

I was hesitant about this project with he curves and all but this  ruler is made to cut the easiest curve to sew.  There's no pinning needed when sewing the curves together and when you square it up all your mistakes go away. I would definitely recommend watching all of the curve it up ruler tutorials.  They really helped me understand the concept. 

I really want to get the borders around the book quilt but I can't seem to find any fabric that I like.  I guess I'll have to keep looking but I do have the little dino hat to work on.  Here's my thoughts on the fabric.

I'm also starting to come up with some ideas for the Double Wedding Ring Quilting Challenge hosted by the NYC MOD.  Thanks for checking out my WIPs and linking up at Freshly Pieced.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

This was a full week, filled with here and there adventures but overall still very enjoyable without being feeling overwhelmed. 

On Monday me and my Hubby celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  We were together for 7 years and had two beautiful babies before we got married so I would say we knew what we were getting into.  We had our wedding cake remade for the special occasion since we didn't get a chance to freeze our original one. 

On Wednesday we stopped by the library, new to us, for me to make some copies of templates but then realized that there was going to be a magic show.  What better than a free surprise kid friendly entertainment.

It was really cool and next week they're going to have a bug petting session at the same time.  We will definitely be attending that. 

With everything going on including a full weekend at the pool and oil changes for all three car I managed to sneak in some sewing time.  Mostly a block here and there:

Block 19,20,and 21 of the City Sampler:

I got caught up with the Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks

Here's Whitney July blocks for We Bee New.  She asked for orange and blue stars following this tutorial. I hope these are blue enough.

Finally my bib for the Patchwork Please! SAL. 

I know its not exactly a bib more like a purse that age appropriate for my youngest one.  I did start off making the bib thinking there are plenty of people having babies I could gift it to but then I showed my hubby and said I thought you were making a pouch.  A pouch?  How does this look like a pouch?  A little light bulb went off and after a few trys, lots of time with the seam ripper and I had to practically make a second bib for the back I got myself a little purse perfect for the little princess.  I had to use 2" strips for the binding to make it sturdier.

I added magnetic snaps on the inside to keep it close, that's her favorite part.  Thanks for checking out my stuff. Have a great Monday tomorrow!!!



Friday, July 12, 2013


Okay this week definitely went by way too fast.  Actually summer seems to be whizzing by this year.  I am working on a couple of things this week.  One being the Patchwork Please!  SAL, instead of working on the apple bib due this week I decided to get a head start on the first quilt in the book since every time I look through the book I get overwhelmed by how many projects there are and some of them kind of big.  I managed to make all 16 blocks. 

If you have everything prepared these blocks come together really fast.  I had picked out the fabric for each block about a month ago and had to wait to get to a copying machine to copy the template.  I would say between cutting the fabric, sewing and pressing 2 days is sufficient to make all the blocks.  I would sew 1 or 2 blocks on and off, here and there. 

Here are some of my favorites:

This last one is my most favorite and it was a last minute decision because I had other fabric picked out for it but decided I needed some more green.  I think the top will be completed by the end of the weekend and I am still going to do the apple bib before Sunday.  If I'm good I'll get the dino hat done as well, we'll just have to see.

Onto another finish.  I finished this last weekend but didn't have time to share.  I had originally made a baby quilt for my boss's newborn but then realized they were doing an owl theme.  I was going to go ahead and give them the one I made but came across somebody (I tried to look for it but no luck, but thanks for the inspiration) making the owl quilt from Dare to Be Squared and knew it would be perfect.  I had to try to get it done in time.  I started quilting it and the next day she was in the hospital, two weeks early.  Needless to say I finished it on Sunday and gifted it on Tuesday. 

Like most of my projects my hubby starts off not really feeling it, he's very particular, but ends up falling in love with the finished project.  Let's just say that if it hadn't been for the embroidered name this one might of stayed with us.  I finished half the blocks, pieced the whole back, quilted and binded on my new machine. 

Here are some closer look to see the quilting.  I did my first FMQ on this quilt with some wood grain texture type of stitches.  Lets just say this is a very forgiving way to quilt.  I mean when you're working on it you're like freaking out on how the stitches are looking kind of awful but when you sit back and look at the whole thing it looks amazing.  The pictures are kind of wonky because this is what I had to work with on Sunday at 8PM.

Overall everything worked out great.  I would definitely make this quilt again. 

I got to do some embroidery with my new machine for the name and the green ribbon I got from Joann on clearance.  Have a great weekend everybody and I'm linking up at Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF!