Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Have you ever had this itch to sew but you don't really have the time to?  Ususally its Monday and Tuesdays for me because I have to work a full day.  This week it was so bad I couldn't sleep, it's like your mind can't fall asleep but your body isn't there with ya.  So you're up all night watching the tube and the next morning you pay for it.  Last night I got up from bed went down stairs and took care of business. 

I made this: 
It's the Paris skirt that I found on Pinterest.  I love this skirt, no pattern just a tutorial here, 4 pieces of rectangular fabric and bam you got a beautiful piece of clothing.  All you need as far as measurement goes is your waist and length of skirt.  You can make this for an adult or child.  This one is for my older one but I see many more coming soon.  I'll take more pictures later.  Plus the website has a lot more tutorials.  I plan to make more back to school close for the girls.

I am also working on the apron for one of my coworkers.  I've copied the pattern onto paper, next up is cutting the fabric for it. 

I have 3 more Medallions ready to be squared up and finished. 
That's some of the stuff I've got going on today plus or minus a few things.  Catch up with everybody else's week over at Freshly Pieced
P.S.  I'm the lucky winner for last weeks drawing from the Patchwork Please! Zakka 2.0 SAL.  Pretty exciting stuff.  I get a charm pack from Pellon.  Can't wait :)

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