Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend WrapUp

This was a full week, filled with here and there adventures but overall still very enjoyable without being feeling overwhelmed. 

On Monday me and my Hubby celebrated our 1 year anniversary.  We were together for 7 years and had two beautiful babies before we got married so I would say we knew what we were getting into.  We had our wedding cake remade for the special occasion since we didn't get a chance to freeze our original one. 

On Wednesday we stopped by the library, new to us, for me to make some copies of templates but then realized that there was going to be a magic show.  What better than a free surprise kid friendly entertainment.

It was really cool and next week they're going to have a bug petting session at the same time.  We will definitely be attending that. 

With everything going on including a full weekend at the pool and oil changes for all three car I managed to sneak in some sewing time.  Mostly a block here and there:

Block 19,20,and 21 of the City Sampler:

I got caught up with the Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks

Here's Whitney July blocks for We Bee New.  She asked for orange and blue stars following this tutorial. I hope these are blue enough.

Finally my bib for the Patchwork Please! SAL. 

I know its not exactly a bib more like a purse that age appropriate for my youngest one.  I did start off making the bib thinking there are plenty of people having babies I could gift it to but then I showed my hubby and said I thought you were making a pouch.  A pouch?  How does this look like a pouch?  A little light bulb went off and after a few trys, lots of time with the seam ripper and I had to practically make a second bib for the back I got myself a little purse perfect for the little princess.  I had to use 2" strips for the binding to make it sturdier.

I added magnetic snaps on the inside to keep it close, that's her favorite part.  Thanks for checking out my stuff. Have a great Monday tomorrow!!!




  1. Happy Anniversary, what a gorgeous cake!
    And a great idea for your Patchwork Please project! It turned out so cute and the purple apple interior makes it fun to open. Too cute:-)

  2. First of all, Happy late Anniversary to you guys! :D And you have some really terrific block work going on here.