Monday, July 22, 2013

There's a Dinosaur Around Here

Or maybe just my daughter rocking her new Dino-Mite hat. 

Again this was another thing I would've never probably never made if it wasn't for this SAL.  I couldn't think of anything else to do to it so I just made it as is and you know what I LOVE IT!  Its really quick and easy, doesn't take much in material and very adorable. I would definitely make it again.  In fact my older one has requested one.
I was also able to finish up some more medallions for the QAL.  Pretty Woman was on and man do I love that movie, I always think I won't want to watch reruns but its classics like that that I don't mind.   
2 in this print

2 in this print

3 in this print

10 down 6 more to go.
I've got quite a laundry list of stuff I want to finish this week:
Finish Book Quilt for Zakka SAL
Finish the rest of the Medallions
Do July's block from Sister Tens' BOM
But before all that I need to make a full body apron for someone at work, this will be my first commissioned project.  If she likes it I need to make 4 total by the end of next week.  Do you ever make stuff to sell?  If so how do you price something?  I sometimes feel like I couldn't beat the prices at Target and I wouldn't be willing to make it for any less.  What do you think?
Have a great start of the week.  



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  1. ooo - You're doing the Medallion QAL :D Love it! Wish I were playing along, too!