Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A full week kind of post

I took a little break from blogging last week because we had a big birthday party on Monday and family in town the rest of the week, family being my niece and nephew, and brother making it 5 kids in the house instead of my usual 2.  Lets just say you never know how easy you've got it until you got something harder.  They were so fun to hang out with but there was absolutely no time for sewing, picture taking, and no blog writing.  That left me with lots of time to catch up on reading everybody else's blog (lots of sewing inspiration) but also a laundry list of stuff I need to blog about so bare with me this is a combination of a June recap, July plans, WIPs and stash report.  I'll be linking this up at WIP Wednesday and Fresh Sewing Day.

Starting with June here's what I managed to get done:

Block 6 2.City Sampler Block 5 3.Divided Basket for Katelinhs's teacher
4.Divided Basket for Baby 5.Animal Baby Quilt 1. City Sampler 6.Fancy Folded Star Block
7.City Sampler Block 4 8.Bell Pepper Coaster 9.Scalloped Pillow for Mini Challenge
1. Squared Quilt Top 2. BLD Kitchen Towels 3. Virtual Bee Blocks
4. City Sampler Block 7,8,9 5.Tea Holder &Placemat 6.City Sampler Block 10
7. City Sampler Block 11 8. City Sampler Block 12 9. Zakka Apron

1. Rainbow Charm Swap  2. Modern QAL Spool Block 3. 2 zipper pouches for TRAC
4. City Sampler Block 14 5.City Sampler Block 13 6.City Sampler Block 15
7. &8. Virtual Bee Blocks 9. Katelinh's Birthday Present
Not too shabby if I shall say so myself.  The only finish I really want to talk about is Katelinh's Birthday present.  Its a bag I started back who knows how long and a matching 3zipper pouch.  I had to get the embroidery done for the front pocket and one of the zipper on the pouch had to be retweaked to work. I literally finished it the morning of the party.  She loves it and has her birthday money in the pouch and pinata candy in the bag. Here's some more picture!

Goals for Friday:
Owl Quilt Top- finish top, sandwich and baste.
Modern QAL July Block cut and sewed.
Zakka SAL- cut fabric for placemat.
Virtual Quilting Bee BOM- Cut fabric.
We Bee New Block- Cut fabric.
City Sampler SAL- cut fabric, sew, press, and picture block 18 (Block 16 and 17 FINISHED!)
Curve Medallion QAL- Cut fabric

Goals for July:
Finish Owl Quilt
Squared Quilt- sandwiched needs to be quilted and binded
Sisters Ten BOM July Block
Zakka SAL: Stay caught up as well as start paper piecing for flower quilt
We Bee New Blocks
City Sample SAL- Finish up to Block 27
Curve Medallion QAL- 8 Blocks done
1and Half Quilt (Still a UFO): Squared and sandwiched how might I quilt this bad boy you might ask.  If you read here, its unfinished due to my machine only being able to piece and not really quilt so this big quilt had been left all alone for a couple of months.  I got a big surprise on Monday!!!!!!

There's probably more that I haven't thought about yet but too bad right?  We still got about 25 days left in July. 

I was also thinking about entering this!  I know its kind of insane and intriguing at the same time.  I would probably suck but it sounds so challenging.  I  just talked myself into it.  I'm entering it and you should too.  Only 10 people get to actually do it but its worth a shot. 

As you can see from I have some new things that started this month, one being the Curve Medallion QAL and the other I joined a beginner Bee that runs for 6 months.  My month is going to be October.  I'm super excited!!!  I think there's a Prism QAL starting soon too but I need to figure that out, I got the pattern just in case.  There's SWOON 2013 starting as well.  Oh so many things so little time.  I can't just pick and choose one or the other because I'll look at everyone else's pictures later and wished I would've done it.  AHHHHHHH!  We'll see what I can get to.  If I can't get to it I can't get to it and have to let it go for the time being (like the Marcelle Medallion). 

Okay if you've read to this point then you get to know my surprise.  My hubby told me there would be something coming in the mail on Monday but both him and I were going to be at work.  I told him I would try to come home at lunch and see the mailman came yet.  I went home and the mail was already there with a note saying we would have to go to the post office to pick it up since they missed us.  I wasn't going to give up there, I drove around my whole neighborhood looking for the mail truck and found it going down the last street and stopped it in its tracks (not really it was already stopped).  I ask if he still had my package and he said he did but it was too big to just put in a car, he didn't see my huge pilot parked behind him.  He sighed and got out anyways and then he saw the monster SUV and said it would fit but it was really heavy.  What is this thing????  I mean our anniversary is coming up so I'm thinking diamonds (in my dreams) or something like that.  He opens the back of his truck, which I have never seen before, and sitting there taking up his whole trunk is a big beautiful JANOME box.   I couldn't believe it, a Janome Horizon 12000 to be exact.  WHAT!!!!!!  I didn't even know what the machine looks like.  I knew it was amazing but how amazing?  Let me tell you when I wanted a machine I was looking at the ones that were in the 3 digit range and this one was way above my budget.  My hubby is the type to research something for months before he makes a big purchase so of course he did the same with this and he got himself (or me) the best machine out there.  He tells me not to tell everybody about it because it would be boasting but who else am I suppose to share this amazing news to.  Nobody else around me would understand how great this machine is.  But you guys know and you guys can celebrate with me.  YAY!!!!  I'm jumping up and down inside and out  I can help but to smile all day about it. 

Here's some pictures of the box while we were opening it.  I was so excited I didn't care how messy the living room was and still is:

More about this in another post with lots of pictures.

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave about everything under the moon.  I feel like half of it is out and I'll wait until Friday to do the rest.  Actually for listening/ reading the whole time and celebrating with me I want to give you something.  Lets do a giveaway (spontaneous).  I'll send the lucky winner 3 fat quarters from my stash, just let me know what colors you want in the comment box for a chance to win and I'll find you something good!!!  I'll pick a winner on Sunday July 7th at Noon!  You like how its kind of hiding for those of you who actually read my nonsense and not for those who just scroll (nothing wrong with that, I do that a lot) I'm thinking Fridays post will be huge too so I might have a giveaway for those that read that too. 

Thanks again everyone !!!!


  1. Wow you have been busy. I LOVE the fancy foiled star block. It is amazing.

  2. wow you've done so much, I'm shocked and what a lovely surprise from dh, I've got the 10001 and love it, had janome's for years, great machines, have fun with it. Not sure if you'll ship to europe but any neutrals would be great, I've got a bee block to make and haven't got many neutrals

  3. Wow, looks like the new machine won't be languishing unused! You got a LOT done and it will be great to see wht you create with the new machine...
    Thanks for the giveaway chance. Green or aqua would be lovely.
    Visiting from Fresh Sewing Day.