Saturday, July 6, 2013

Something New

I've been seeing this around all year but hadn't got a chance to really look into it.  Well I looked into it and guess what?  It's awesome, a really cool way to keep on track with a schedule and finish some stuff.  Its July so I and everyone else who hasn't done it yet still have a chance to get started and be eligible for the prize. 

Here's a rehash of my goals for July:
Finish Owl Quilt
Squared Quilt- sandwiched needs to be quilted and binded
Sisters Ten BOM July Block
Zakka SAL: Stay caught up as well as start paper piecing for flower quilt
We Bee New Blocks
City Sample SAL- Finish up to Block 27
Curve Medallion QAL- 8 Blocks done
1and Half Quilt (Still a UFO): Squared and sandwiched

As you can see a couple of big finishes on the list.  I am currently quilting the owl quilt and hope to be done soon.  I think that it is some how connected to the baby already.  I started quilting it last night and the next thing you know the baby is coming, two weeks early.  The mama is in the hospital as we speak. 

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  1. I just joined this month, too! But I only chose one project for the month. Good for you! Can't wait to see your finishes!