Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working on those WIP Wednesday

As if I didn't have enough stuff I'm doing I decided to join in on the Tula Pink City Sample QAL.  I definitely had talked myself out of this one a few weeks ago when I first came across it. I even told myself to not buy the book when it first came out since I don't own any of Tula Pink's fabric!!!  But those blocks are soon darn irresistable and the pictures that are linking up of everybody else's block are looking real great.  So enough said I joined and believe me it was worth it.  From the choosing of the fabric from the stash to the cutting, sewing, pressing, and taking the pictures and now writing about it.  I loved every step of the way. 

Each block only finishes at 6 1/2 inches so they're not that big but they require 4-5 different fabrics and 20-25 pieces make up these beauties. Another good thing about these are you really can use up some scraps to make blocks that don't look scrappy.  I'm not trying to endorse this or anything I'm just really excited about it.  Here's all three together:

I actually finished the next three but will wait to post those.  I also got to do a couple more things but the only picture I got is this:

I cut and pressed these for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge. Can you guess what I'm doing yet?  I'm linking up over at Lee's Freshly Pieced.  Can't wait to see what you're sewing. I'm getting rushed off the computer or I would tell you another thing I'm joining oh well next time!

Friday, May 24, 2013

TGIFF Finally

Its gearing up to be a great weekend.  I woke up this morning with the kids at home and realized I have a pile/list of things that needed sewn and got right to it, in my dreams.  First came breakfast for everyone then I popped in a movie for the kiddies and got an hour and a half of sewing in but then came 5 hours of running errands. 

I did however get very caught up on my mini summer sampler.  I finished the three blocks from this week.

And here's all of them together so far
Very cute stuff!!!
I also got to catch up on the last two missing blocks of the Virtual Quilting Bee blocks.

My question to everyone is if you're doing two of the same thing, whether it be a quilting block or a clothing pattern, and its something you've never done before, should you take it one at a time or should you just knock them both out at the same time?  For me I always try to do both at the same time and I honestly don't know if that's saving my anytime.  I feel like if I just did the first one and worked out all the kinks the second one should be a breeze.
I've also decided to enter in to the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge this year and here's the fabric I've choosen to try a new technique out on. 
And last but not least it is Memorial Day Weekend so there are lots of fabric sales going on and I just couldn't resist the one that's going on over at Westwood Acres.  I'll be in the car for 5 and half hours tomorrow so hopefully maybe I'll get some embroidery and hexis going.  Hope everyone has a good long weekend and I leave you with this awesome video.  Enjoy!!!

I'm linking up at my usual places.  Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF!!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Roll (or is it Role) Call for my BOMs

Pardon my English, even if I am a fluent speaker I sometimes get certain things mixed up.  Today I found a new linky to join.  Its called BOMs Away Monday over at What A Hoot!  So I figured I'd get organized on all my BOMs.

First up is the Sisters' Ten.  I've got 4/5 done.  I originally wasn't going to do April's block because it didn't look very appealing to me but after looking at everyone else's on flickr I have a new found inspiration. 
Next we have the Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks  I got 4 out of the 6 done. 
Please excuse dirty carpet. I am really enjoying this one. I'm not use to using this color scheme but it looks beautiful.
Finally unless I'm forgetting something is the Summer Sampler Paper Piece Series from Ellison Lane
I've got 3 out 4 done and they are my first experience ever with machine paper piecing and at first a little not okay with it but now I can't wait for the next blocks to be posted once I'm finished.  I love looking at everyone else's on the flickr page. 
I probably won't be getting much more BOMs until Wednesday so hope to show off some more next week.  Thanks for joining me.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Finish Friday

I started the morning off with a brand new finish.  My little quilt that I made for my embroidery is done.  It was actually a rather quick finish once I actually started. 

The embroidery and quilt pattern is from Aneely's book Sweet Stitches.

The back is a gray chevron and the binding cute red candy cane stripes.
After finishing this one I thought I was done with all my WIPs (minus one) so I didn't really want to start anything new and big.  I want to concentrate on smaller faster finishes like pillows, pot holders, runners, bags, and cloths for the girls but then I got this out.

Princess fabric I bought 2 years ago and promised to make some sort of blanket with. Honestly if I wait any longer the girls will outgrow the princess theme so I went searching on all the blogs I follow for a tutorial I wanted to use.  I wanted the princess fabric to shine and not cut into tiny pieces so I decided to go with a the Giant Star Quilt from Jeni over at In Color Order.  The top fabric was going to be the background fabric but after I cut into it it was 1/2 yard short of what I needed.  Don't you just hate it when that happens, not only did I have to go get something but I had fallen in love with it because it was light enough to let the star shine and it had a touch of that darker pink to make it apart of the whole thing.  Long story short I had to go pick put another one but it does not compare. 

Last thing I got to do today was sew up the third block for the Summer Sampler. 


It was so nice out I had to play around with some outdoor location.  I think I'm getting the hang of this paper piecing thing, make no mistake there was still a lot of stitch picking going on but I'm proud of the way it turned out.  Posting it on flickr and I'm also linking up at my ususals TGIFF and Crazy Mom Quilts. 
Hope yall have a nice weekend and go check out everyone at the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  I won't be entering anything just yet maybe next time when I'm a little bit more experience and everything over there is fabulous.



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIPing my BOMS

Happy Wednesday everybody.  I am sewing like a mad woman around here.  I've got...

... a little chain piecing and...

... a little paper piecing going on today.
I decided to do the Mini Summer Sample Piece Along over at Ellison Lane that started this week and to my surprise there's already two blocks posted.  This is my first time doing paper piecing via machine and boy was I confused.  I kind of dove right in thinking I would get the hang of it, thought wrong but I somehow managed and got these.
Some pink rasberry popsicles

and nice tall glass of lemonade. 

I like the way my popsicles turned out but they're both reverse of what they're suppose to be and my glass of lemonade looks like its sitting on a slanted table.  I'll probably end up redoing it later on but for right now it is what it is.  I wouldn't say that this is my favorite thing to do but it is great to learn something new and have such cute pictures to make. 

Next thing I did today was my first Modern Block "Follow the Leader".  It always amazes me the amount of work that gets put into a block from cutting to piecing to pressing.  I absolutely love this one.  I'm only making one of each in this series. 

Then I did the May block for Gen X Quilters Sisters' Ten BOM.  I love love love this one.  I love the way they all look together.  I have come to terms that April's block might not get done unless I feel like I absolutely need it in the end because I don't really like it and I can't seem to make myself make it. 
Finally I got to finish a little quilt top for the embroidery I was working on last month.  Hopefully I can finish it by Friday.  Hope y'all got some sewing in if not its alright just enjoy the great weather we're having.  I'm linking up over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and posting my pics on flickr for each of this BOMS and QAL.  Thanks for joining me.  


Friday, May 10, 2013

And the big winner is...

... Okay before I announce the winner I have to get all my feelings down about my experience with this huge giveaway week that I am forever going to participate in.  For all my wonderful followers i am usually not this wordy in my post since I am more of a visual person myself somplease bear with me in this one.  What a great community to be in, the sewing/quilting/crafting blogging world. I have never felt so part of something but yet without ever meeting anyone in person I am able to learn a brand new craft, get inspiration, and feel great about what I'm doing all from the blog world.  When I started this week I was reading the instructions for the giveaway and it said to make sure you pet a really good picture so that you will draw a lot of people in, in my head I was thinking its a giveaway what else do you need to draw people in? I was going to for sure enter everyone and there was nothing that was going  to stop me!! That was until an hour later and only twenty entries in I started looking at only pictures before I clicked on the post.  I am completely awwed by the number of giveaways and now I know why pictures are important and why the giveaway is opened for a week long.  I would say the giveaway that impressed me the most was the 24yard of fabric giveaway that asked you to match the fabric pull with its blogger.  I tried but couldn't figure it out so I didn't enter, let's just say the person that won that one really deserved it.

Another thing before the I tell you who the winner is is I forgot to answer my own question and I realized after reading everyone's comments that it wasn't quite fair to ask for just one favorite movie/TV show since I myself probably couldn't pick one.  My favorite movies would have to be The Notebook, Forest Gump, Iron Man, The Avengers, and there's so much more but for TV shows the list is even longer including Scandal, Nashville, Once Upon A Time, Bates Motel, Psych, Burn Notice, Suits, Dr Who, and Downton Abbey (I didn't like the ending to the last season either, my heart is kind of broken).  I also realize what a great question it really was because as a quilter I spend numerous hours in front of the TV while I'm cutting and pressing and basting.  Thanks for all the responds, I have some new choices to look into for entertainment and some wonderful new followers.  Like I said before I am not ususually this chatty but if you've made it through all this (or if you just scrolled down) the WINNER to my first ever giveaway goes to....

True Random Number Generator 203 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Congratulations to

My favorite movie is Pride & Prejudice, the BBC version. I enjoyed seeing all of your projects, thank you for sharing. Thanks for the chance to win.
 I have sent you an email for an address, please respond by the end of the weekend.   Winning is always so exciting.

Now if you're still with me here comes a couple of pictures and no more words til next time.

I'm linking up over at TGIFF and Crazy Mom Quilts.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday

What an exciting week it's been so far with all the giveaways going on over at Sew Mama Sew.  This is my first time participating and it's just so nice to know that this has been going on for 10 years now.  It's such a great way to come across new blogs and have people look at yours.  I'll probably be talking about this is the next few post but if you haven't, then go check it out, you still have til Friday to enter all the wonderful giveaways.

I've got my Bloom Bloom POW sandwiched and pinned ready to be quilted. ***Since typing this up I've been able to finish quilting it now all that's left is trimming and binging.***  I'm determine to finish it by Friday before I leave for Michigan for my nieces birthday.

This is the back.

I also had to really crunch down on my Mother's Day gift for my mom.  I decided to make her a purse/tote and wallet. 

I started with the wallet from a simplicity pattern.  It turns out to be a clutch which I'm not sure she would use but its almost done so I'm going to give it to her anyways.  Overall the worst part of making anything from a pattern is the tracing it onto the fabric and cutting but the directions were okay to follow.  Its like putting a 3D puzzle together and you get anxious as you start to use up all the pieces as you go. The finished product is looks good.

Next up is the tote and if I have time I'll squeeze in the mini ruffle wallet.

I have lots of BOMs to catch up on and I plan to start a couple more (insanity will be my middle name soon).  I'm going to try to do the Modern Blocks QAL over at And Sew We Craft that just started this month as well as a mini Paper Piecing Summer Sampler one that will start in June.

Lets just cross our fingers for a Finish Friday post.  Have a great rest of the day people.  Join me over at Freshly Pieced for more WIP Wednesday.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Giveaway Madness and Makeup

So this is my first ever Giveaway but what better way to start giving then this week long celebration over at Sew Mama Sew!  There's lots of giveaways going on and a great bunch of blogs for you to meet in the process.  Before I show you what you might win though I would like to post about what I've been working on in the past week since I've been slacking with my blog.  (Hint the "makeup" portion of the title).  Hopefully you'll like it enough to want to see more and become a follower. 

First off here's my finish bag for my niece.

Next off is my fully assembled Bloom Bloom POW top and that baby I'm proudly to say is sandwiched and pinned. 

I finished this basket for my secret partner from the Fabric Basket swap hosted by Leona's Quilting Adventure.  My partner asked for modern bright colors.  I hope this fits the bill. 

Finally I get to the jewel of this post.  My brand new old Singer Machine.  We got this in an estate sale a few years back and just left it in the garage.  We might be moving soon so we decided to clean it out and my hubby decided today was the day to do something with it.  He oiled it up (I mean oiled it up big time) and cleaned it real good.  It is in perfect working condition.

Isn't she a beauty.

Okay Okay here comes the Giveaway.  Today I am offering you this lovely pack of fat quarters and some embroidery thread to go with it.

Winning is easy there's a couple ways of winning.
1) Tell me what your all time favorite movie or TV show is.
2) If you are (or become )a follower leave a second comment.
Up to 2 entries per person.  Please include your email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.
Giveaway open to international entries.

Entries will stay open til the 5PM EST on May 10th like everyone elses and a winner will be randomly picked and announced shortly after.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday

So like I was saying earlier I had some big plans for sewing today.  I started and finished my nieces birthday bag.  I'm in love with it, this is the third one I've made, second to be finished, but first one with the embroidered front pocket.  This is definitely the best one yet. I felt like I was being efficient with time but it still took 4 hours even with the embroidery already done ahead of time. I did however add her name.  No pictures of it today but mabe tomorrow.

With the scraps I plan to make a couple of these mini ruffle wallets from Stitchery Dickory Dock. 

We got assigned our fabric basket partners over the weekend and here are the fabric for that cut out.  I'm making the divided basket from Noodlehead.  It's a really great looking basket but I was being very absent minded when following the cutting instruction.  No joke I had to cut the interface and fusible fleece three times!!!  The lining I didn't cut two going the opposite direction (which I swear is not in the instruction) so I didn't have enough of my original choice left to redo.  I luckily found something else that will work.  Hopefully the rest will go more smoothly, it doesn't need to be mailed out until June so if need be I'll keep this one and make another one.  That's kind of how a lot of things go.

That's all for today I think.  I'm linking up at the usual spot over at Freshly Pieced.

Oh..Oh..Oh I almost forgot.  I made a couple of quick dresses for the girls but did some awesome embroidery on them.  I got one completely done with pics and the other is about 75% of the way there.

Hope everyone is having good weather!