Monday, May 20, 2013

Roll (or is it Role) Call for my BOMs

Pardon my English, even if I am a fluent speaker I sometimes get certain things mixed up.  Today I found a new linky to join.  Its called BOMs Away Monday over at What A Hoot!  So I figured I'd get organized on all my BOMs.

First up is the Sisters' Ten.  I've got 4/5 done.  I originally wasn't going to do April's block because it didn't look very appealing to me but after looking at everyone else's on flickr I have a new found inspiration. 
Next we have the Virtual Quilting Bee Blocks  I got 4 out of the 6 done. 
Please excuse dirty carpet. I am really enjoying this one. I'm not use to using this color scheme but it looks beautiful.
Finally unless I'm forgetting something is the Summer Sampler Paper Piece Series from Ellison Lane
I've got 3 out 4 done and they are my first experience ever with machine paper piecing and at first a little not okay with it but now I can't wait for the next blocks to be posted once I'm finished.  I love looking at everyone else's on the flickr page. 
I probably won't be getting much more BOMs until Wednesday so hope to show off some more next week.  Thanks for joining me.


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  1. Hi, Linh! Nice to "meet" you - and if English isn't your primary language, your command of it is impressive. You have some great BOMs going. I can't believe how different the same-pattern blocks look from each other because of fabric changes. Both of your sets look like you have 8 different blocks instead of 4 pairs! And I hear you on the paper-piecing. I love it now, but I sure remember how much it made me cry the first time I did it.