Friday, December 6, 2013

Sister's Ten BOM Finished

I started my quilting journey back in March and I still remember a couple of my first.  The first blog I followed was none other then Amanda over at Crazy Mom Quilts and she got me so excited and inspired to do so much more.  But it was the Sisters' Ten BOM that I would say was my first real taste of creating a block.  At first I didn't realize there was math involved and I kind of thought you cut these shape out and sew it together but really there are steps that need to be taken for it to really work.  I learned so much from this BOM and I can really see my skills improving with each block from the piecing to my fabric choice. 

Here are my first blocks, like I said before I would've tried to cut out triangle, pieced them together and crossed my finger hoping it would turn out alright.  This was my first experience with HSTs. 
 I liked this BOM so much I joined lots of other things along the way such as SALs, QALs, and a virtual bee.  At this point I seemed to have my hands in everything and to be honest I got a bit overwhelmed.  So I got a little behind after these blocks. 
I would say it was a combination of having too much on my plate and this block that did me in.  I really had a hard time making one of them because I wasn't in love with it and I couldn't get past it for a while.  I saw what others were doing with it on the Flickr page and that really got me inspired. 
In the end, November came and it was time to put the top together and I was 4-5 sets of blocks behind but I was so in love by the way the top was suppose to turn out that I was determined to make them all and get a complete top.  The blocks are  put together in the most unique way to make this beautiful top. 
 I am absolutely in love with it.  It's so different from everything else I've made this past year and it really shows how much I've learned.  The last two blocks are my favorite and I would say reflects my style the best s far as fabric choices. 

Overall I would say I am extremely happy with this BOM and this is the first to many more.  Linking up my finish over at Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. Wow! I love how the top came together! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful job on all your blocks! Those kinds of settings are my favorite. They really show off complicated blocks like yours are. And hello from one of your fellow 2014 stash bee quilters. :)

  3. I LOVE how you put the blocks together for the top, very creative!