Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sewing ASAP

Lately it  seems that I have more deadlines and things on my to do list then I would like to.  I also seem to have projects piling up here and there that needs to be finished so I could free up some space.  A couple of things motivated me this week to 'get her done'. 

First off the deadline for my Sew and Heart Valentines Swap was on Monday and Mary Gordina was on it and my package from here arrived right on the dot.

It was filled with so much goodies that every time I took a picture I found something I left out.  She not only made me cute things but the girls got a big surprise too.  Let's just say I pulled a late night on Monday trying to finish everything I started for her.  Again lots of ideas and starts but only one finish.  I husband came in and asked when it was due and saying yesterday was an understatement.  In the end I came up with a wonderful package I felt worthy of sending back.  Now let me confess something I ended up having to mail it back in the same box Mary used to send my package, I was planning to get a flat rate box but those boxes not only got more expensive but way smaller as well.

With that out of the way I was in the mood of busting projects. I am currently testing a pattern for Marelize from Stitch by Stitch.  It's called Summer Solstice.  I've made 3 blocks and honestly I think with my fabric choice I would like it more as a table runner than a full size quilt.  I just need to add the sashing.  I will probably finish it up this week.

(Sorry for really bad phone picture)

Last project on the chopping block a double dipper.  It's a birthday present for my older girl, which isn't needed until June but it's also going to be entered in Aneela Hoey's contest.  The pattern is from Lisa Lam's book A Bag for all Reasons, the 3-in-1 Convertible Bag.  It was a major, major project.  I thought it wouldn't be too much because there was only 5 pieces to the pattern and boy was I wrong.   I would say that this bag is a final exam for bag making, snaps, eyelets, drawstring, exterior pockets, flaps, inside flush pocket, base reinforce, adjustable straps, handles, etc.  The list just keeps going.  It ='s one of those project where you can only do one step at a time and put it aside.  Has anybody else tried this pattern or know if there is any revisions.  I couldn't find the step where you add the top handle and top hoops.  All that's left is the eyelets and drawstring. 

I feeling like I might actually have some finishes to share this Friday! Oh and this is what I've started as if I need to get into any more trouble.

More on that next time.  Linking up over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Stopping by from Freshly pieced linky party.. WOW !!

  2. You have been Busy!! Making lots of fun things. The Valentines Day swap sounds fun, there's so many gifts there. I love the bag you've made, it does look tricky with all those pockets and buckles.