Friday, May 9, 2014

Finish Friday or is it Friday Finish?

I was trying to look for the instagram hashtag for this but I still don't remember which way it goes.  This is my first finish in a long time and it was definitely needed to boost my sewjo. 


This pattern is called Polka Dot Bikini from my friend Sharon over at Fabrics and Flowers.  I am the first to admit I do not get along with curves but the way these are done it's not so bad.  My only advice is to follow instructions carefully.  I got a little too comfortable making my center blocks and forgot a few steps and that's why they don't line up as well.  Other then that it was a great pattern and I see at least one more in my future.

Now I need your help.  I plan to send this out to be quilted.  I've never done that before and don't know what I need to do exactly to prepare for it.  Do I need to baste it first? How exactly do you get it to the quilter, I mean does it need to pressed real good, and how much batting do you send with it?  So many questions!!!

Before I do that I need to find the backing fabric for it.  I like my front and back to match.  Do you have any suggestion?

Amy Butler Hapi Celestial Dusk

Originally I was thinking of Amy Butler's Hapi Celestial Dusk but its got more greens then I would like for there to be.

Daydreams Rose Full Circle Yardage <br/>SKU# 27176-13

Daydreams Ink Memory Yardage <br/>SKU# 27177-14

Next up I was thinking of Kate Spain's Daydream either Rose Full Circle or Ink Memory.  I haven't seen this one is person so I'm not sure if it's too purple or not.  If you have this or have seen it will you please let me know.

That's it for right now one down who knows how many to go!!!  Happy Mother's Day Weekend!!!

Linking up at TGIFF! and Finish Up Friday (Go check out Amanda's scrap projects this week, I love, love, love the crocheted scrap  rugs.

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  1. I love the colours you chose for your top. They really sing! I can't offer much in the way of advice for sending a quilt out because I haven't done it, but I do like that Rose Full Circle fabric for the back. Beautiful!