Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Long time no see...

Hello people I'm back even though I never really announced leaving.  It's been so busy at my real job lately being prom season and all I didn't get to see the inside of my sewing room for 3 weeks straight let alone blog about it. 

I finally have enough people working and with the end of prom season being right around the corner I can say that I am back!

To start off my being back to doing what I love I am chugging away at my Bikini quilt. I've got two more rows to go.  I really love this one but Sharon has just created another version of this that I love just as much.  I definitely see at least one more of these quilts in the future. 

It feels good to be back!  Linking up for WIP Wednesday.


  1. This is gorgeous, I love the colours!!

  2. I love hat quilt - where is the pattern from?

  3. This is beautiful!

  4. Love this - and love the use of the mini squares instead of solids on the outside!

  5. This quilt looks great. Glad you can get back to it