Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Life's a WIP with some Finishes

I finally did it, I opened an Etsy Shop! It is called BeYouTiful Stitches.  I'm listing bags and quilts I've made to sell.  My wonderful hubby took the most beautiful pictures of my products over the weekend and I've got most of it listed.  He took a bunch of group pictures too so I could share it here on my blog. Please do stop by and take a look, any advice/comments are appreciated.  What I don't know is how anyone is ever going to see my things when the search pulls up a bagillion things. Right now I'm just on cloud 9 and feel like I've accomplish a life goal.  I'm really proud of everything I have listed and the way they look in photograph, just having such great pictures taken of my things makes my cup full.

I was also able to list a couple of quilts as well

I really love this quilt and wouldn't mind keeping it.  This is the second one I've made but this one is so me. 

I got this one finished just in time for some pictures for the shop.  This one was given away as a gift but I have enough to make a second one to sell.
I have struggle my whole adult life with figuring out what I want to be when I grow up.  I graduated from OSU with a degree in Sociology, and while I enjoy the subject dearly I don't see a career in it.   I've love sewing for a while now and only this past year did I find my passion for quilting and the wonderful online community that goes with it.  I finally found my dream career and even though I am still very green I want to grow up to do this.

Thank for stopping be today to celebrate Etsy Shop with me. 


  1. What a clever,clever name for a shop---Congrats to you and the best of luck on your new adventure!

  2. Your enthusiasm is delightful! Congrats and keep moving forward!