Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Second WIP of the Week

I didn't want to share my first post with anything else so I decided I would just write a second post for everything else. Actually there is only a couple of something else to share. 

First off I'm still chugging away at these blocks:

I have 5 now and I really like how they look.  My only concern is when you look on Instagram,  I want to say a good half of all the blocks look alike.  Not that it's a bad thing but I'm just not use to accidentally looking at someone else's block and thinking that it's mine lol!  I just realized that I need to do something for sashing, which means more low volume and more tiny 9 patch piecing waiting for me.

My second WIP right now is my first Stash Bee block.  Jo asked for a pieced neutral back and an applique flower on top of it.  Well I got the easy part done.  I have a flower in mind thanks to a mosaic from my partner in the Sewing Room Swap so I'll keep working on that. 

I have recently joined in more swaps than I probably should have.  It's always mind boggling until its all done and sent out and then you just sit back and enjoy the sweetness of opening the package your partner has sent you.  I know that packages should always be sent out on time but I sometimes enjoy the late ones because its like a little surprise you had forgot about.  I think that's why I sign up for so many then it's like getting a birthday gift every month.  I love to sew anyway so I might as well have a person I'm sewing for is the way I look at it.  My girls are always reminding me to let my partner know that I have two little ones so they might get a surprise too!  Too cute!

So far I'm in:
Sweet Pouch Swap
Heart & Sew Swap
Sewing Room Swap
Triple Zipper Pouch Swap

Thanks for checking out my blog today and hope you are having a great day.  Linking up over at Freshly Pieced.


  1. I am liking what I see of your 5 blocks!

  2. These look good-I have my first 5 done as well but have to wait to get some more fabric to keep going :)

  3. Your blocks look fantastic! Keep up the good work :) Best, Kate

  4. I love the look of your blocks! The colors are very happy!

  5. I like the pattern of your blocks!

  6. Pretty blocks!! I love a bright foreground and a low volume background. You are ambitious with all of the swaps!!! Hope you get some fun surprises in return!!