Friday, January 3, 2014

Will you be my "invisible friend"?

Lolly Quiltz

Have you seen this?  It's a X and Plus Swap with a friend from the online sewing community.  Someone that shares your interest and could be your friend in real life but you live miles apart and have never met.  I have admired many blogs this past year and participated in many swaps but I haven't really made a one on one connection with anybody yet and I feel like this is a great opportunity to share an on going friendship with someone that shares the same interest as me. 

I guess I should probably introduce myself first.  My name is Linh and I live in Columbus Ohio USA.  I have two daughters that love to craft too.  I started sewing about 5 years back but as a seamstress.  I only got into quilting this past year in March about the same time I started this blog.  From then I have learned quite a bit, I love to try new things all the time.  When I first started I was so bummed when I found Linky parties or swaps that already started and felt like I was missing out but then I realized that new ones were always starting so I became hooked.  I also thought that there would be a lack to blogs to follow and boy was I wrong.  I currently 172 blogs on Bloglovin.  I am a huge fan of the quilting blog world and find most of my inspiration from it. 

Here's a finish from this week:

I think that this is a great reflection of my journey this past year.  Most of the trees were from my ladies in the We Bee New group and the quilt was inspired by the Christa's Quilt Tree Along. Some of them are one piece of fabric and others are improve.  The method I used to make my trees was paper piecing.   I don't think the pictures really show it but the trunk in embroidered with "Schilling 2013" even if it won't be finished until this year.  The top finishes at 80" X 108".  I am currently working on the back which involves some mosaic blocks.  I am not sure about the quilting on it yet. 

Hope that you see what you like and would want to be my friend enough to be in the swap with me.

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  1. Love the tree of trees quilt! Very cool.