Friday, March 29, 2013

Lots of Goodies

I originally posted about this QAL from Freshly Pieced and decided right away that I wouldn't be able to do it because of the cost but I have reconsidered.  No, I didn't  come into any hidden stash of cash but for some reason when I took a closer look at the list of the supplies, I realize that I would need only 1/4 yd of each color which in all reality isn't too bad even if it is 17, yes 17, different fabrics.  I would've loved to use the pearl bracelet collection she is using but mama ain't got that kind of money so I chose to just go pick up some that were as close to it as I can get.  I really got inspired by another blogger who again I can't find for the life of me, she had posted the fabric she was going to use, and that's when I utter up the courage to try it out.  These are my fabric:

See 17 isn't too many!

Another thing on the supply list is the special 8"creative 60 degree ruler.  It just happen to be the exact ruler I need for another quilt I wanted to make so the other night when I was ordering the Farmer's Wife Samplers Quilt Book I decided to order one in order to get free shipping.  Speaking of online shopping, I got my first online fabric order today!  The funny thing is I had forgotten what I ordered and was completely surprised when I opened the package and saw:

Luckily it came with a business card cuz I had no clue who I had ordered from.

It just happens that I received my email from Fluffy Sheep Quilting about our Rainbow Charm Swap with our assigned color and guess what color group I'm in?  AQUA!!! I wanted to buy from Cindy's ahop since it is my first charm swap but there wasn't too many choices so I ventured out and got this beauty.  I ordered it and now it's all about waiting for it to come.  But that's it for my day and to think I thought I had nothing to post about because I didn't do any sewing.

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