Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scrappy Saturday

My scrappy quilt is really my 2nd/3rd WIP.  My husband was giving me such a hard time for working on a BOM that I finally gave in and concentrated on it.

Believe it or not this is the backing for another quilt I am planning on making.

I decided on the front design first but then my lovely hubby had this great idea of "why don't you use the rest of material on the back like that one design you wanted to paint our next piece of refurbish."  That is also how this became OUR quilt and how this was his great masterpiece.

2 Quilt tops one quilt = my 2nd and half quilt I guess :)

I was also able to finish the two January's BOM and it was a lot harder then I originally thought.  The first one I kept getting the pattern wrong (as you can see from my previous post and the second one was always coming out just a little but off.  Overall I liked the way they turned out.  I even got to go back to Jo Ann for fabric with big prints.

It turns out the other BOM I was looking for was also on Gen X Quilters 

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