Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday

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Welcome to my first WIP Wednesday post.  Today I'm working on the front of my 2 1/2 quilt and got the first row done.  The fabric is all cut but it needs to be sewn.  This first row took overall an hour to sew and press.  The finished quilt should be 75" x 75" so can we say a bigger ironing board please.

I am also working on my March block from the Sisters' Ten  BOM I'm following.  I got it cut out, sewed the HST but now I need a new ruler because mine is only 3" wide and my finished square needs to be 3 1/2".  

Thanks for checking out my blog on this WIP Wednesday, now I have to figure what I'm going to do about Blog Reader going away.   Any information about what I need to do would be greatly appreciated.


  1. You've got some pretty fabrics picked out for your Sisters10. I'm on the fence about my picks, wishing I went another way. I just picked a layer cake I got free.

  2. Definitely time for a new ruler. Many of the folks in my local guild frown on "extra" rulers, but the multiple size squares sure do make it easier!

  3. Sorry your blocks weren't the right size. I'm actually going to try some paper called Triangles on a roll. A lady at my guild sells it, so I figured I'd give it a go. I hope you figure something to do with your fabrics.

    I'm not really up on the google reader thing...I usually just read blogs from my sidebar on my own blog...so if that goes away, then I"m in BIG trouble. =)

  4. I like the fabrics yoga re using for your BOM, it should look great.

    BlogLovin' and Feedly are two options I'm currently using to replace Google Reader. The switch to either one is super easy.

  5. Visiting from WIP Wednesday and Let's Get Acquainted - Welcome to the huge group that links-up on WIP Wednesday. I just started linking-up a few weeks ago and am amazed by how many great projects and bloggers are out there. Love the fabric choices for your BOM as well!

  6. I switched to Feedly which automatically uploaded the blogs I was following from Google reader. I also tried bloglovin which does the same thing and seems to be as user friendly. I'd suggest trying one or the other of those. As soon as you create an account with them, they ask if you'd like to import from google reader.