Thursday, April 11, 2013

Finish Friday

I got some sewing done yesterday and I finally got a real finish in a while.  Started and finished a bag for the neighbor's 8 turning 9 year old.  Here's the fabric I choose for this project:

This is the finished bag.  It's the same pattern I've been using for my own without the embroidery from Clover and Violet.

I also finished cutting all my fabric for the Bloom Bloom POW.  And now the piecing  instructions are out so now some more sewing.  Next up on my list to finish was my April block for the Sisters' Ten BOM since evertything was already cut and look what happens:

I accidentally cut my HSTs for the littler block instead of my 12" block.  That's what I get for watching Duck Dynasty while I was doing my cutting. SMH back to the cutting mat and now it'll probably be until next week because I hate doing something twice.

I'm linking up to TGIFF and Crazy Mom Quilts.  Have a great start to the weekend people.


  1. Lucky 9 year old! Love the bag, Linh. So glad you linked up to TGIFF!

  2. The bag looks lovely! Great birthday gift :)

    I just finished cutting my Bloom Bloom Pow fabrics too - but haven't started sewing them together yet!

  3. This is a fab gift! Congrats on the finish :)

  4. I'm sure your neighbour loves the bag. Such a kind gift.

  5. Congratulations on your finish of that little pink number!