Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sunday Stash

This week I got the last two packages in the mail I was expecting for a while.  The first was my bundle of zippers from Zipit:

It came with this "Miracle Fish" that was suppose to read your inner most emotions depending on its movements, guess what my fish did!  Nothing! It was motionless so it was a "dead one".  Of course!  It was cute though and I love looking at all the colors.  I told my daughter she could pick three and I would make her the 3ZP.

Next up is this beautiful package, its definitely a present for me from me:

I got this green polka dot fabric and some embroidery thread samples for my bag.

Last up is this very cute Easter collection from JoAnn, nothing beats 60% off and I feel that you don't have to use these just for Easter stuff, they're really cute.

And this from the clearance section, yes that's a measurement tape holder on the side (and it came with one too!)

Speaking of sales, Sew, Mama, Sew! are clearing out their shop in order to concentrate on their blog and social media part of the business.  Check them out for great deals!  I'm going to try really hard to not but nothing for a while because I want a new quilting machine, but my hubby wants me to do embroidery too so its a compromise because as we know those cost a lot more so that means it will take a lot longer to save up for one.  I think the only thing I really want to get in the mean time is this quick curve ruler, their QAL is so cute.  But then again I don't really need anymore projects right now and I was thinking if I finish the top and back to our 2 and a half quilt then he'll be more up to getting a new machine since I don't think I can quilt it on my big a** JUKI .

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  1. Ooh some nice new additions to the stash! Very happy bundle of zips!!

  2. Yummy fabrics and zippers. Just fresh nice colors. Great selection!

  3. love all the bright, happy colored zippers! :)

  4. Oh, I love getting mail from Sew Lux Fabric!! Really does make you feel extra special :)

  5. Ok I could use any of your new additions but I am hugely intrigued by the miracle fish. Is that a bit like sea monkeys that come freeze dried?