Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday Stash

I can't believe I'm saying this but I got a stash!  What what!  I'm linking up HERE, check out what I got:

This one is for the Rainbow Charm Swap.  I got Aqua for my color, now I have to cut this baby into 5" Charms...

I got my fabric picked out for the Virtual Bee QAL.  I decided to do half solids and half prints.  I got the first two blocks cut out and working on the third before I do any sewing.

Then my Cotton Medium Dots from Riley Blake Design Charm packs came in the mail today, you should've heard my hubby.  (I promised only two more packages not including the one from the swap are coming for a while.) Not sure what I'm going to do yet.

Last but not least I got some fabric on sale from Hobby Lobby today.  They're a little bit cheaper than  Jo Ann and they have a different but smaller selection.  I'm glad I discovered another place for fabric. Not my hubby, the whole time he's like "only if you know what you're doing with it, no more for your stash".  I had to put back a couple of Valentines Day print.  I'm seeing more 3 zipper pouches for the 2 black/white/red prints and the blue print.

I had to post a bigger picture of this one.  Isn't it cute. It's a heavier "duck" material, I'm seeing a bigger tote of some sort.  Although I did just join a fabric basket swap, so maybe this will work for it but I'm not exactly sure what a fabric basket is yet.

Hope y'all enjoyed mt stash and have good rest of the weekend.


  1. You've got a great stash! You have to collect for the stash and then plan what to do with it ;) It's part of the creative process, it'll all get used eventually :)

  2. Oh fabric basket would be nice! It is cute print for sure!

  3. Hubbies and fabric purchases that come via mail.. yeah, I feel you. But as Gemman says, it'll all get used in the end. Last week I made a fabric basket form fabrics I got on sale two years ago! :)

  4. Great idea to use it for a basket! Have never made on before... will go on the -to-learn-list! Good luck with yours. :-)

  5. That would make a great fabric basket.
    Nova has a lovely pattern

    I love the Chinese character print too.

  6. popping over from Sunday Stash report.. nice stash

  7. Your virtual Bee sounds interesting and you have a nice stack of fabrics pulled for it. Nice to have you at Sunday Stash.

  8. I love all those fabrics! Especially the last print - so glad you posted a bigger picture of it. Oh and guess what? You won the book "The Giving Quilt" on my blog. Please send me your address.