Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quilts for Boston

Quilts for Boston

I learned about Quilt For Boston just yesteday and decided that this is the least I can do. I haven't been able to follow through on a lot of good for the world deeds but this one is definitely going to be a quick finish and no procrastination involved. 

I pulled some fabric from my stash of scraps (not really I was using these on other projects, they just happen to be big enough fo this).

And then I decided my first set of blocks would be Gift boxes by Brioni Greenberg from Shape Workshop for Quilters.

They're all cut ready to sewn.
If you would like to partipate all the info is in the link above and there is also a flickr for this.

Before this I was working on a couple of other projects.  I'm making a couple of scrappy log cabin pincushion from Liberty Love by Alexia Marcell Abegg.  I need to go get some ric rac today and it should be a quick finish.  I can tell this will be a repeated project with lots of my scrap fabric.

I started this Tickety Tock mini clock quilt as well.  At first I was quit taken back by not only the need to make templates but to double the size.  How is a girl suppose to do that. Then my math background (not really) kicked in and I grabbed my protractor (whick I knew I would need one day) and just went for it.  I drew a master copy and then traced it only freezer/quilter paper.  I'm quit please with myself and it was really therapeutic.
This is also from Shape Workshop for Quilters.

We also got to work on my 2 and half quilt this past weekend.  My husband decided he would press it, 1 because he believes is a master presser and 2 because I wasn't going to do it.  So he agreed to press if I sewed them together and may I say it looks marvelous as a table cloth on our dining room table.

It just needs to be sandwiched and quilted, drew up some ideas at work for the quilitng, his favorite is the flower on the corners but I can't do that on my industrial JUKI so lets cross our finger I get my way (most likely not) and get a new machine soon :) 
I've also decided to make a couple more tote bags soon, one for my daughter and one for my neice whose 7th birthday is in May.  I decided to do an embroidered front pocket, again another first, and this is what I've got so far.
This pattern is from Stitched for Fun by Fiona Goble.  While at Joanns today I have to pick up a few more colors to finish is up.  This was also a lot easier to catch on then I thought it would be.  I also picked up Aneela Hoey's book Little Stitches from the library earlier this week so lots more little cute pictures to embroider.  I'm also watching the first and second season of Downton Abbey.  Extra exciting things happening and its just Wednesday.  Join me and all the other WIP over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.


  1. The mini clock looks really cool!

  2. Any tips on how to train my husband to iron my quilts? Also thanks for the link to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild. I am pulling fabric tonight and hope to get some blocks done in the next week.