Monday, April 15, 2013

Making a Plan

***WARNING  all words no pictures just me venting my mind***
When I first started this whole quilting thing , I was able to finish my first quilt in a couple of week.  Now I find myself with lots of WIPs and new beginning to projects and not so many Finishes.  It happens in everything I do, there's this very fine line of not quite enough and becoming overwhelmed.  I always like a challenge and want to do a trillion things at once cause god forbid I ever get bored or run into nothing to do.  I think I'm at the point where I'm falling off the wall into overwhelming land.  I need to really catch up on everything before starting anything new and in order to that I need a plan and priority.

Finish TOP and Back of Quilt 2 and a half
Sew together Virtual Bee Blocks (2 of each = 6 blocks)
Recut Sisters' Ten April BOM
Make and Finish 3ZP (one new and one WIP)
Piece Together Bloom Bloom POW

Finish All Laundry (at least so I can see the floor again)
Clean my ROOM!

Deadline for all of this April 30th

When all of this is done then I can start something new.  I'm seeing Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt in my near future.

Thanks for listening to what has been flying in the mind lately and making me such grumpy butt.  Hopefully this will make is better.

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