Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I got a list for you this week.  I finally got my lazy procrastinating butt motivated to work on my QAL and BOMs.  The Bloom Bloom POW is about 95% there and the 3 Virtual bees blocks are 50% of the way there.  The whole process stop once I had to go press them in between sewing, that's what happens when your sewing machine is in the basement but everything else is upstairs.

I also decided to start this with a panel and some fabric I got at JoAnns, who is having a great SALE. I started it today and got it basted ready for some sort of quilting.  Let me tell you i never how complicated it is to make something up without a pattern to follow.  A lot of math!!! I think this is going to be the first item I'm going to try to sell.  I figured if nobody wants it there's plenty of people we know having babies but I really want to try this out.

This doesn't have anything to do with sewing but look what I saw yesterday.

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  1. The panel is adorable. I was dealing with math too today.